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Ung Til Ung_

School project for UngTilUng. is an online well-being platform designed for young adults aged 16 to 35 whose day-to-day quality of life is reduced by problems such as work- or school challenges, relationship issues or loneliness. The platform is run by almost 50 volunteers who manage primary contact with UngTilUng provides four services: Chat, online counselling, a blog and our self-help toolbox. Through chat and counselling, UngTilUng users can talk directly and exclusively with a volunteer about the challenges they’re facing.

The task was to re-brand UngTilUng & research in the problem field and extract relevant insights regarding the target audience and digital initiative relevant to the subject of matter. We had to make a strong concept and present it along with example usage and design direction.

Software used:
Figma & Sketch
Client: Ung Til Ung
Co-Workers: Kristian Stauning, Oliver Gormsen & Niels Otto.