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Medical Museion_

New brand identity concept for Medical Museion.

Meical Museion is dedicated to the history of health and disease in a cultural perspective The Medical Historical Museum founded 1906, and in 2004, the museum changed its name to Medical Museion’ as a part of it’s branding process to convey its identity as precisely as possible.

Medical Museion is a public museum based on medical academic content communicated to the wider publicity. Everything that ́s published from, as well as displayed inside, the museum is based on the empiri of current medical research, caused og their relation to University of Copenhagen.

Medical Museion is a forum for knowledge sharing who in the future will be noticed with an inclusive strategy and communication.

Client: Medical Museion
Software used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch App, After Effects, Premiere Pro & Lightroom.
Co-Wokers: Casper Langelund Jensen  & Bue Kjær Monrad