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Den Skaldede Sangerinde_ 

First year exam at DMJX in Summer 2018 on Interactive Design. This assignment was to develop an idea that visually communicates the essence of the play of Eugene Ionesco the “Den Skaldede Sangerinde”
(“The Bald Soprano”) The play takes place at Theater Grob, Nørrebro.

The play “The Bald Soprano” by Eugene Ionesco is a satirical and absurd play that touches the meaninglessness of language.

We chose that our design should express the play of endless meaninglessness conversation that the characters practice throughout the play. In the play we find that the characters are trapped in an eternal dialogue loops.

From this, a “speaking” optical illusion is visualized and inspired by M. C. Escher’s waterfalls. The illusion distorting the perspective and running in a ring – Just like the play.

Grob teater
Software used:
Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop, Lottie & After Effects
Co-Worker: Niels Otto